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2022 Media Releases

2021 Media Releases

8th October, 2021
Country lives left in limbo
7th October, 2021
Booyah blindside highlights crime hypocrisy
5th October, 2021
Labor unethical on crime
29th September, 2021
Another unwanted title for Queensland
29th September, 2021
Last lashes out at soo-called regional forum
21st September, 2021
Hitting the road for better health care
17th September, 2021
Firefighter safety put on the back burner
10th September, 2021
Stewart shirks resources responsibility
9th September, 2021
Last calls for Moranbah hotline
8th September, 2021
Mining for answers 3 years on (Goonyella)
7th September, 2021
Last on the road to better roads
3rd September, 2021
Last calls on victims to raise their voice
2nd September, 2021
Last demands check up for Moranbah Hospital
23rd August, 2021
Government must mobilise on immobilisers
17th August, 2021
Last sounds urgent alarms to save QLD crops
19th August, 2021
Recidivists dominate car thefts
17th August, 2021
Ministers add more mud to youth crime
13th August, 2021
Cover up could cost lives
13th August, 2021
$32,000 bed price tag an insult to victims
12th August, 2021
Prison staff sentenced to slow growth
12th August, 2021
DV victims let down by Labor
12th August, 2021
Minister says value of goods "irrelevant"
11th August, 2021
Will the true numbers please stand up?
9th August, 2021
Green needs to look in her own backyard
5th August, 2021
Queensland at an intersection on youth crime
21st July, 2021
Last calls for additional care in Bowen
20th July, 2021
Distance Ed must be enabled too
19th July, 2021
Stranded travellers left in corner
12th July, 2021
Size claims exaggerated
28th June, 2021
Assurances needed so that everyone can do the right thing
28th June, 2021
Farmers blindsided
24th June, 2021
Triple the crime, half the funding
24th June, 2021
Water solution hosed off for Valkyrie
21st June, 2021
Budget off the rails in Rocky
17th June, 2021
Budget a great western hijack
16th June, 2021
Budget for an increase in crime
15th June 2021
Blue Water commitment all at sea
15th June, 2021
Budget sends Burdekin to the back row of the classroom
15th June, 2021
QFES budget slash and burn
14th June, 2021
Backs turned on local champions
13th June, 2021
Small business slammed on power
13th June, 2021
Questions on Pol Air get "polly waffle"
11th June, 2021
1,700 victims.... 0 recognition
7th June, 2021
Miles' "media stunt" a dry argument
3rd June, 2021
Clermont locals deserve more than locums
27th May, 2021
Burning questions on K'gari fire
24th May, 2021
Stats prove recidivist offenders target ALL Queenslanders
14th May, 2021
Last answers calls for better phone service at Mount Coolon
26th April, 2021
Ryan's comments miss the mark (GPS monitoring)
20th April, 2021
Last calls for farm labour taskforce
15th April, 2021
Last calls out Minister's gamble with farming future
14th April, 2021
QFES review stuck in neutral
13th April, 2021
Government won't come clean on bail blitz
12th April, 2021
Quarantine inequality cruels Queensland industry
9th April, 2021
Burning questions on K'gari fire
9th April, 2021
Crumbs for support for staggering DV statistics
9th April, 2021
Last asks if Ryan is listening to hearings
8th April, 2021
Last calls for quarantine resources
1st April, 2021
Last calls for transparency on masks
30th March, 2021
Community deserves answers on fund
29th March, 2021
Screening and sharing to help solve crime
29th March, 2021
Still no electricity equality
26th March, 2021
No tracking for most youth offenders
25th March, 2021
Mine safety still fails to achieve targets
24th March, 2021
Government needs to fight fires on new frontier
23rd March, 2021
Pressure ramps up on Dalrymple Point
15th March, 2021
Baby step forward, two steps back
12th March, 2021
Mud larking pitched as ticket to accelerate all-tide access
11th March, 2021
Last welcomes crime hearing
10th March, 2021
Last fires up on license delays
9th March, 2021
Labor needs to lead on mine labour
8th March, 2021
Tide is out for poorly handled project
2nd March, 2021
Last digs in for certainty
26th February, 2021
Last calls for hearings in Townsville & Cairns
23rd February, 2021
Inaction on tough action
23rd February, 2021
No pigeons needed for Burdekin Mail Service
19th February, 2021
Two out of 10 IS bad!
18th February, 2021
Miners deserve action and the truth
17th February, 2021
Promises watered down by price hikes
16th February, 2021
Crunch time for fresh local fruit & veges
12th February, 2021
Groundhog Day on Youth Justice
8th February, 2021
Grants set to benefit whole community
29th January, 2021
Answers on Premier's desk
22nd January, 2021
New way to drain away camber
13th January, 2021
388 youth justice failings every day

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