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Commissioners for Declarations and Justices of the Peace act as a check and balance on the powers of state authorities, including the Queensland Police Service and provide valuable services to our communities.

Commissioner for Declarations (Cdec)

A Commissioner for Declarations is a volunteer who assists the community by administering oaths and affirmattons and by witnessing documents.  These documents include:

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Affidavits

  • Certified Copies

A Commissioner for Declarations does not have a judicial function.

Commissioner or Declarations

Justice of the Peace (JP)

Justices of the Peace are volunteers who fall into 1 of 2 categories and, in addition to the responsibilities of Commissioners for Declarations, can also have judicial duties.

Justices of the Peace can be called upon to assist with duties such as:

  • Issuing of Search Warrants

  • Issuing of Arrest Warrants

  • Granting of Bail

Depending on which category they fall into, Justices of the Peace can also play a role in Magistrates Courts.

Justice of the Peace
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