During each sitting of Parliament, Dale has the opportunity to speak on proposed legislation, speak during Debates or Adjournments, provide Individual Members Statements and update The House on Matters of Public Interest.

For a list of Dale's speeches, please see the Parliament Search and select Dale's name from the Current Members dropdown.  You can also view Questions On Notice and keep up to date with Committee Inquiries and Bills before Parliament.

Following are links to Dale's speeches in the current parliament.  Click "Read" for a printed version or "Watch" to see Dale deliver his speech - 

Speech Date


18th September, 2018   Police Powers & Responsibilities (Watch)
4th September, 2018 Vegetation Management Disallowance (Read) (Watch)
23rd August, 2018 Pacific Reef Fisheries (Read) (Watch)
15th June, 2018 Budget Reply (Read) (Watch Part 1) (Watch Part 2)
13th June, 2018 Heavy Vehicle National Law (Read) (Watch)
13th June, 2018 Burdekin PCYC (Read) (Watch)
16th May, 2018 Local Government Legislation Amendments (Read) (Watch)
1st May, 2018 Vegetation Management (Read) (Watch)
21st March, 2018 Rockwood Weir (Read) (Watch)
20th March, 2018 Isolated Children's Parents' Association (Read) (Watch)
6th March, 2018 Labor Abandons Adani (Read) (Watch)
13th February, 2018 Election of Speaker (Read) (Watch)


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