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Following are links to Dale's Questions on Notice in the current parliament.  When Questions on Notice are asked, Members of Parliament are given a timeframe in which to research and provide an answer.  The links below will be updated as Questions on Notice are answered. - 

Date Question Asked



20th September, 2018 Coal Seam Gas Industry Regulation Answer Due 22 October
18th September, 2018 Dam Safety Projects Answer Due 18 October
6th September, 2018 Clearing Applications & Approvals Answered
5th September, 2018 Burdekin River Bridge Closures Answered
4th September, 2018 Liability protection for Members of the Public driving Ambulances Answered
23rd August, 2018 Cape York Water Plan Answered
22nd August, 2018 Juvenile Crime Rates in Townsville Answered
21st August, 2018 Fume Event in Moranbah Answered
 15th June, 2018 Police Officer Numbers in Bowen  Answered 
14th June, 2018  Issues with Biosecurity Signage Answered
13th June, 2018   Extra Cost of Desalination Plant Operation Answered
12th June, 2018 Rural Water Use Efficiency Program Answered
17th May, 2018 Acting Principals in Burdekin Electorate Schools Answered
16th May, 2018 Dept. of Natural Resources Extension Officers Answered
15th May, 2018 Stab Proof Vests for Townsville Correctional Centre Answered
3rd May, 2018 Resources Roundtable & Resources Community Roundtable Answered
2nd May, 2018 Queensland Gas Supply & Demand Action Plan Answered
1st May, 2018 Coal Worker's Pneumoconiosis Answered
22nd March, 2018 Raising of the Burdekin Falls Dam Answered
21st March, 2018 All Tide Access at Molongle Creek especially for VMR Answered
20th March, 2018 Pedestrian Crossing over Railway at Wongaloo Conservation Reserve
(Cromarty Wetlands)
8th March, 2018 Replacement of Clermont Police Station Answered
7th March, 2018 Widening of Peak Downs Highway Answered
6th March, 2018 Safety at Tinaroo Falls Dam Answered
15th February, 2018 Elliot River Huts Dispute Answered


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