Queensland Parliament Petitions

Petitioning is one of the traditional forms by which you can make requests direct to Parliament.

A Petition is a formal request signed by at least one person and placed before the Parliament with the object of persuading the Parliament to take some particular action. For example, a petition may request the alteration of the general law or the re-consideration of an administrative decision. You can make two different types of petitions:

An e-petition - on-line petitions must be lodged on the the Queensland Parliament website and sponsored by either a Member of Parliament or Clerk of the Parliament. If you would like to begin an e-petition and are seeking Dale's support, please contact our office on Freecall 1800 817 594 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paper Petition - the Paper Petitions process is essentially the same petitions process that has been operating in Queensland for over 140 years. It involves a Paper Petition being circulated in the community for signatures and then lodged by a Member. Please use the template 'petition' document when starting a paper petition as it MUST be in this format to be tabled. If you would like Dale to table your petition in Parliament, please contact our office (details above).